Limited 30-Day Manufacturer Warranty

For 30 days from the purchase date of a Mobo product, Asa Products Inc will provide repair or replacements for any defective parts or items on our products at no cost to the customer. This warranty only applies to the original owner and is non- transferable. Proof of purchase along with an explanation or picture of the problem are required. Normal wear and tear, improper assembly and damage due to misuse, abuse or neglect are not covered.


This warranty applies only to Mobo products purchased from authorized dealers. Authorized dealers for Mobo products include Mobocruiser.com, Target.com, items that are "shipped and sold by Amazon.com", the Mobo Company Store on Amazon.com, Walmart.com and Kohls.com. Be aware that many third party sellers on Amazon.com and Walmart.com are NOT authorized and Mobo products purchased from these sellers will NOT be eligible for warranty coverage. If you are unsure if a seller is an authorized dealer, please email sales@mobocruiser.com and we can help.