Collection: Toddlers


Discover the joy of outdoor play with Mobo Cruiser's premium collection of toddlers' tricycles. Our catalogue boasts a variety of colors, including vibrant pink tricycles for the little princesses and bold red tricycles for the adventurous tykes. Designed with your child's growth in mind, our excellent tricycles for toddlers ensures stability, fun, and comfort in each ride.

From the interactive push tricycle that allows parents to guide the way, to the self-driven tricycle bike for toddlers seeking independence, Mobo Cruiser caters to every stage of your child's development. Our 2-seater toddler tricycle is perfect for siblings or playdates, fostering social skills and teamwork.

The tricycle stroller for toddlers combines the practicality of a stroller with the fun of a trike, making it ideal for walks in the park. Our 2-year-old tricycle is perfectly sized for younger riders, while the 3 in 1 tricycle for toddlers grows with your child, transforming to match their developing skills.

For the smallest adventurers, the baby joy tricycle and balance tricycle for toddlers pave the way for first-time riders. Choose the best first tricycle for toddlers from our collection to give your child a memorable start.

Value-conscious parents will appreciate our range of inexpensive tricycles for toddlers, ensuring affordability without compromising quality. For those looking for a deal, our discount tricycles for toddlers offer premium features at reduced prices.

Our signature models, such as the Mobo Wobo, a 2-in-1 rocker and ride-on; the Mobo
for the littlest riders; the Mobo Explorer Balance Bike for developing coordination; Mobo Mity Sport for active play; and the Mobo Mega Mini, offer diverse play options to suit every young child's needs. Choose Mobo Cruiser, where every ride is an adventure, and every tricycle is built with love for your toddler's best moments.


    Low to the ground design is safe and helps little ones with balance

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    Adjustable frame to outlast your evergrowing toddler

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    Rear wheel steering helps to improve hand-eye coordination

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Toddler Balance Bikes & 3-Wheel Trikes

Looking for a safe and fun way to get your toddler moving? Mobo toddler trikes are the best toddler tricycles on the market! Whether you’re looking for a stationary Mobo rocking trike for your toddler or a safe way to get him or her moving, we’ve got a wide variety of bikes and trikes for your toddler!

Specifically designed to be safe and fun for toddlers, our toddler three-wheel tricycles and balance bikes are equipped with an adjustable frame so that you can adjust it as they grow! The perfect way to get active with your little ones, these toddler big-wheel trikes are sure to become your new family tradition.

MoboCruisers are the Best Tricycles for Toddlers

As you consider getting a riding trike for your toddler, you will need to take several considerations into account. Your first priority should be safety.

Toddlers are still in the “learning” phase of bike riding, still getting the hang of getting around in their own bodies, which can make the idea of putting them on a big wheel a little daunting.

This is why tricycles are the ideal place to start for toddlers who want to ride bikes. With three wheels, toddlers have better support balancing, are less likely to fall, less likely to risk injury, and have more time to build up their bike-riding confidence.

Parents care about safety, but kids tend to care more about fun. Your toddler wants a tricycle that looks the part. Fortunately, with MoboCruiser tricycles for toddlers, you’re sure to have a hit at home.