About Mobocruiser

Mobo Cruiser and Asa Products

Asa Products is a leader in the active, outdoor category thanks to our award-winning line of three-wheeled Mobo Cruisers. We provide customers of all ages a comfortable, easy to ride cruiser that encourages a fit and fun lifestyle. All Mobo Cruisers feature our patented unique steering mechanism and adjustable frame to make riding comfortable and relaxed and delivering a next level riding experience. With our patented three-wheel design, we strive to offer that “wow, wow, WOW”, experience for the whole family!

Company History

Asa has been in the active lifestyle products business for over 20 years. Asa Products, Inc. was established in 1998 as a Minority and Female Owned Business Enterprise. Asa is globally recognized with satellite offices in Taiwan, China, and Germany. Asa has used the wisdom and experience gained in its success in business and its commitment to build strategic alliances, strong brand recognition and substantial good will with consumers.

  • Mission

    It is the mission of Asa Products to provide a "WOW, WOW, WOW" experience through our service, innovations, quality, and style. Our number one priority is to develop and deliver products that improve the lives of others and encourage a fit and fun lifestyle.

  • Vision

    To become the global leader within the active lifestyle product industry through luxury brands, stylish and innovative products, and creating a wow experience in people's lives.

  • Wow to Customers

    Asa promises to provide superior family friendly and accessible customer service in its effort to achieve 110% customer satisfaction and Wow experiences. Asa also promises to bring the most innovative, stylish, compelling, high-quality and family oriented products to the market that improve the lives of and completely delight consumers. We only work with innovative high quality products that meet the very highest standards in excellence in manufacturing.

  • Wow to Business Partners

    Asa promises to deal fairly and honestly with business partners to develop and administrate superior business solutions that accommodate mutual success. We are fanatical about ensuring the success of our partners. We have earned and maintained the trust of some of the largest national retailers for long term business relationships.

  • Wow to Employees

    Asa promises to provide a culturally diverse and team-oriented workplace that is friendly and fosters goal oriented teamwork, mutual success and growth. Asa encourages a fun & fit culture through fitness challenges and supports the continued educational advancement of its team members and offer a variety of benefits and perks.

  • Wow to Our Community

    Asa promises to be a socially and environmentally friendly commercial organization which supports charitable organizations and community improvement programs on both a local and national levels.



The Heart Behind the Mobo Brand

My upbringing has played an important role in where I’m at today and how I relate to business. I began working in a factory in Taiwan at the age of 8. I saw my parents working extremely hard to build a better future and a better (non-rat infested) environment for their children. I learned quickly that hard work and smart work are the essential ingredients of success. Many years later, these values have paid off in my business life and my personal life.

I came to America as a young teenager who knew only a dozen or so English words. Working hard and working smart, I quickly mastered the English language, finished high school and completed my college receiving a BS degree in Business Administration. I later returned to school and achieved an MBA, my crowning educational achievement, from the USC Marshall School of Business.

Prior to the MBA program, I followed my dream and established a business, Asa Products, Inc. Being a female and minority entrepreneur was difficult, but my mantra has been and always will be, "Dream big and never give up!" With hard work and determination, Asa continues to grow and, now, I am delighted about the positive impact that Asa, through the Mobo brand, has had on families and youth. Here, my vision is to develop the most stylish and innovative products for the active lifestyle community and every product is designed to improve the lives of our customers and make them smile. Now, nothing makes me more happy than to share the success story of my business to inspire others and to help them succeed.