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Welcome to the vibrant world of Mobo Cruiser, where every pedal propels young adventurers towards fun and fitness! Our collection page is a treasure trove of innovative tricycles crafted with care to ignite kids' imaginations everywhere.

Embark on a journey with our flagship products Mobo Triton and Mobo First 14-inch bike, designed for even the littlest riders to start their cycling adventures. With the Mobo Mobito and Mobo Malibu, children can experience the joy of mobility and independence.

For young learners, the 14-inch balance bike is designed to boost confidence and balance. Available in various styles, colors, and the inclusive toddler size model, these bikes ensure that every child finds their perfect match. Understanding the need for a gradual learning curve, our 14-inch bike with training wheels makes the transition to two wheels smooth and enjoyable. When it’s time for a more significant challenge, the Mobo Lite 16-inch bike stands ready to elevate their cycling game.

Our Mobo Cruiser bikes aren’t just about fun and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle from an early age. The lightweight 14-inch bike and the push bike 14-inch options cater to different stages of a child's growth, ensuring comfort and adjustability.

For those seeking a laid-back, yet active lifestyle, our cruisers bike provide a unique riding experience combining leisure with a touch of fitness.

Mobo Cruiser is not just a brand; it’s a gateway to a world of exploration, learning, and endless fun. Dive into our collection and find the best kids' tricycle, the Mobo Tritan or specialty bike like the Mobo Malibu, and watch as your child embarks on an unforgettable journey of growth and joy.


    Rear wheel steering builds arm & leg strength

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    Adjustable frame for varying and growing heights

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  • FUN, FUN, FUN!

    Cool and ergonomic design provides endless fun!

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Kids’ Recumbent Bikes & Trikes

If your kids are tired of the boring traditional bicycle, our selection of kid cruiser tricycles are a great way to get your kids active in a safe, comfortable and fun way! Mobo trikes for kids are rising in popularity as they are unique and endlessly fun. These innovative children’s big-wheel tricycles are made with an ergonomic recumbent design to ensure ultimate comfort and unmatched balance. Safe and fun for the whole family, 3-wheel trikes for kids are the trendiest way to get your kids moving!

Whether they’re racing with their neighborhood friends or cruising around the block with family, everyone in the family will love our Mobo Cruisers! Looking to make this a family tradition? Check out our adult trikes and toddler trikes!

About Recumbent Trikes for Kids

What makes a recumbent tricycle for kids so special? Why should you opt for a sit down bike for kids?

The first reason is safety. At a young age, kids are just learning how to coordinate their limbs appropriately. While standard kids’ trikes are easier to navigate than bicycles, the upright position can be daunting for some children. When looking at a “big kid” tricycle for a reluctant rider, recumbent bikes can be a much more approachable option. By sitting back in the seat, kids feel like they have more control.

When upright on a kid’s bicycle, there is some risk of falling. This risk is virtually eliminated in a sitting bike. Our specialized big kid tricycles are lower to the ground, allowing your child to have a more natural center of gravity and fewer scrapes and falls while learning to ride.

Last, but not least, style is important to kids. They want to look “cool” while learning to ride. Kids tend to like things to be big and flashy - the “coolest” and the “best.”

While all their other friends have normal bikes and trikes, the distinct look of a Mobocruiser big wheel trike is sure to appeal. As parents, you know that style is not everything, but you also want to get something that excites your child and they’ll want to use. If you opt for a recumbent bike with flair, your son or daughter is more likely to use it.