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Step A:

Remove screws from back of front wheel frame.

Step B:

Attach rear frame and tighten screw.

Step C:

Remove screw from wheel axle.

Step D:

Remove rubber hubs from wheel.

Insert wheel into wheel axle.

Step E:

Fasten screw.

Step F:

Replace rubber hub.

Repeat on second side.

Step G:

Align steering arm to center of frame.

Step H:

Fasten steering handle screw.

Step I:

Align second steering arm to frame and fasten steering handle screw.

Step J:

Remove screw from linkage steering.

Step K:

Align linkage steering and fasten screw.

Step L:

Remove screw from linkage steering on second side.

Step M:

Align linkage steering and fasten screw.

Step N:

Align saddle with seat cushion.

Fasten screws.

Step O:

Align saddle with frame.

Insert screw and nuts.

Step P:

Tighten nut.

Step Q:

Remove chrome cap from rear wheel frame.

Step R:

Place rear fender and tighten chrome cap.

Repeat on other side.

Step S:

Unfold pedals.

Step T:

Loosen knob to adjust length.

Tighten knob.

Step U:

Remove screw from reflector.

Place over center saddle and tighten.