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Step 1:

Place rear frame set between back support and front frame set.

Make sure linkage is facing the steering handle.

Step 2:

Align screws.

Step 3:

For models WITH push bar, tighten bolt only using allen wrench. Do not attach nut.

For models WITHOUT push bar, tighten bolt and nut using allen wrench and multi-purpose tool.

Reflector can be attached by inserting below frame before tightening nut.

Step 4:

Remove screws on the steering handle and align with steering handles.

Make sure brake cable is located above linkage.

Step 5:

Attach nut to bolt.

Step 6:

Tighten using allen wrench and fender tool.

Step 7:

(* For seat belt only - If your model does not have a seat belt, skip to Step 13)

Align bottom of seat belt to seat base on frame and bottom of seat.

Step 8:

(* For seat belt only)

Tighten bolt and repeat on other side.

Step 9:

(* For seat belt only)

Wrap top of seat belt over back support.

Step 10:

(* For seat belt only)

Wrap velcro strip around metal frame located below top cushions on back support.

Step 11:

(* For seat belt only)

Pull velcro strip through buckle.

Step 12:

(* For seat belt only)

Attach velcro.

Step 13:

Tighten seat cushion to seat base.

Step 14:

Adjust hand brake as needed,

Use allen wrench to tighten hand brake (located on steering handle).

Step 15:

Remove nut from wheel.

Step 16:

Insert wheel onto rear frame.

Step 17:

Use fender tool and allen wrench to tighten wheel.

Repeat on other side.

Step 18:

Remove chrome caps locate next to rear wheels.

Step 19:

Place fender above each wheel. Replace caps.

Step 20:

Tighten caps using fender tool.

Step 21:

Match the side of the pedals by matching the "L"/ "R" stickers on the pedals and cranks.

Step 22:

Attach pedal to crank.

Make sure to screw "R" pedal clockwise and "L" pedal counterclockwise.

Step 23:

Tighten using fender tool.

Step 24:

Loosen quick release lever located at the middle of cruiser.

Pull knob to adjust frame to desired length.

Tighten lever.

Step 25:

Insert flag into slot on top of back support.

Step 26:

(* For push bar only)

Align push bar under rear frame with bolts and tighten nut onto bolt.

Step 27:

(* For foot rest only)

Loosen and remove quick release lever.

Step 28:

(* For foot rest only)

Align foot rest onto frame, attach and tighten quick release lever.