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Step A:

Remove nut from wheel bolt.

Step B:

Insert wheel into rear frame and attach nut.

Step C:

Tighten using wrenches.

Repeat on other side.

Step D:

For models WITH push bar, tighten bolt only using allen wrench. Do not attach nut.

For models WITHOUT push bar, tighten bolt and nut using wrenches.

Step E:

Remove nut from wheel bolt.

Step F:

Remove screws from linkage steering and align the linkage steering to the steering arms.

Attach screws and nut and tighten.

Step G:

(* For seat belt only - If your model does not have a seat belt, skip to Step J)

Align bottom of seat belt to the bottom of seat.

Step H:

(* For seat belt only)

Tighten screw.

Step I:

(* For seat belt only)

Wrap velcro on top of seat belt around the handle at top of seat.

Step J:

Place screws and washer in seat onto frame.

Step K:

Tighten nut onto seat screw.

Step L:

Remove cap from rear frame.

Step M:

Place fender and replace cap.

Step N:

Tighten cap and repeat on other side.

Step O:

Adjust length to fit rider by loosening quick release lever and pulling out the knob and moving the frame.

Tighten lever once adjusted.

Step P:

(* For push bar only)

Align push bar under rear frame and tighten nut onto bolt.

Step Q:

(* For push bar only)

Adjust push bar to desired height.

Step R:

(* For foot rest only)

Loosen and pull out quick release lever.

Step S:

(* For foot rest only)

Align foot rest onto frame, attach and tighten quick release lever.