Spinal Cancer Treatment – benefits of Mobo Cruiser practices

Spinal Cancer Treatment – benefits of Mobo Cruiser practices

"My 7-year old daughter just recently beat cancer in her spine. When I found this bike I hoped that she would love it as this bike does not have the risk of fall that others do…I can not tell you how much this little girl loved her new bike!"

That glowing Mobo Cruiser review was left by yet another satisfied family. Many know Mobo for our innovative designs. But did you know we’re the safer option for all children and adults too? Mobo's unique bicycles and tricycles are better suited to accommodate anyone.

On February 4, people around the world raise awareness for and move toward a cancer-free world. This day is World Cancer Day. The eventual goals are reduced cancer deaths and improved cancer treatments.

This World Cancer Day, consider Mobo as a safe exercise option for spine cancer survivors. With tricycles for all ages, anyone can find a cruiser that fits them. Read on for some of the most comfortable trikes offered by Mobo.

Mobo Mity Sport

The Mobo Mity Sport is one of the smallest trikes that Mobo has to offer. This cruiser is both comfortable and supportive of the spine. Best suited for kids aged 3 - 5, the Mobo Mity grows with your child thanks to an adjustable frame. This sturdy ride is one of the safest trikes because it keeps your little one close to the ground. There is no need to worry about dangerous falls or having to balance. The Mobo Mity Sport offers a safe and exciting way to exercise.

Mobo Triton

Children aged 7 – 12 will find that the Mobo Triton provides a fun cruise with an ergonomic design. The recumbent seat supports the spine while the rear-wheel steering is stress-free. The Mobo Triton combines comfort with safety. This trike sits low to the ground, so harsh falls will not happen. Inflatable rubber tires maintain a balanced ride. Your child will look forward to exercising safely on the Mobo Triton.

Mobo Triton Pro

Adult spine cancer survivors can trust that the Mobo Triton Pro protects their spine. This cruiser can extend to fit riders up to 6'3" tall. The recumbent seat has a cushion for added comfort. The Mobo Triton's seat is near the ground, so the risk of a severe fall is eliminated. Because it’s a tricycle, it has a balanced and stable design. The Mobo Triton Pro provides adults with a fun dose of exercise while protecting their spine.

Mobo Cruiser offers a variety of ergonomic, safe, and fun trikes for people of all ages. Each balanced design keeps riders low to the ground, so any fear of falls or imbalance gets put to rest. Spine cancer survivors can turn to Mobo for a new way to enjoy exercise that supports spine safety. Compare the recumbent tricycles that Mobo has to offer to find the best cruiser for you.

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