Protect Your Brain! Wear a Helmet

Protect Your Brain! Wear a Helmet

Yes indeed. Riding your Mobo Cruiser is as fun as fun can be. Some things aren’t fun though, like a head injury or even a brain injury. You’ve spent a lot of time and energy making your brain great in school, so don’t ruin all your hard work with something as silly as not wearing a helmet when you ride a bike!

Helmets are so important for bike riders. Did you know that every year hundreds of thousands of kids go to the emergency department at a hospital due to bicycle related accidents? So many kids get injured this way that many state and local governments have made laws requiring helmets and the federal government has developed guidelines for the companies that design and manufacture bicycle helmets.

A few bicycle helmet tips for you! First, you should wear a helmet every time you ride, even for casual short rides. Next, your helmet should fit right and it should be worn properly. Make sure your helmet is the right size, that the helmet straps are snug and secured properly and never ever wear a hat under your helmet. Also, make sure the helmet you wear is CPSC approved (Consumer Product Safety Commission). This will insure that if you do bump or hit your head, the helmet you’re wearing will give you the protection you need. Finally, don’t play with your helmet when you’re not riding and keep your helmet from being damaged. Although your helmet may not seem damaged or broken, some types of impacts can damage the interior padding, even though the outside of the helmet is not broken. One last tip! To maximize your protection, why not choose a bright color for your helmet that will give you some added visibility.

Your brain is one of your most valuable assets. Protect it by wearing a helmet every time you ride a bike.

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