Managing COVID-19 Stress

Managing COVID-19 Stress

Trying times can bring despair and stressful moments into everyone’s lives. These are the moments when one must create a routine to help cope and ease the long days. At first, it may seem hard but in the end, it will be much better to practice self-care than to plummet into a spiral of stressful devastation.

We hope these tips can bring you much needed peaceful moments:

1. Take a break from the news

Being quarantined has made it a lot easier to tune into the news all day but it can also bring an overwhelming feeling due to information overload. Setting a schedule for screen time can help you stay informed while giving your mind freedom from the constant COVID updates.

2. Take care of your body

Gyms may be closed for now but there are still many ways to take care of your health. You can continue staying in shape by stretching and doing at-home workouts. Today’s technology makes it a lot easier to find workouts simply by downloading an app to your phone. If you would rather not look at a screen you can still work out by doing pushups, sit-ups, squats, or by lifting canned food. Or you can ride your Mobos around your neighborhood as a family while wearing facemasks. There is no excuse to deprive your body of exercise.

3. Make time for fun and personal growth

Train yourself to see life in a positive way. Yes being indoors can be hard but only if you choose to have a negative perspective of your situation. Now is the best time to try to learn something new and fun indoors. Find something that raises your spirits whether it may be learning a new recipe, learning to draw, or simply reading a new book. There are many free courses you can find online to help you grow in your career as well.

4. Stay in touch

Keeping emotions bottled in has never done anyone any good. In times like these, it is very important to stay united and reach out to those you care about. Your close circle may be feeling your same frustrations. Talking about how you’re feeling with others can make the load feel less heavy on your shoulders and theirs. Standing together doesn’t necessarily mean being in the same room, it means being there for each other in times like these.

Managing stress by finding a routine can make the unbearable feel doable. It helps not only you but those around you stay strong and united. Remember how strong your mind is and how your outlook on life can change stressful thoughts into positive ones.

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