Family Bike Ride and How to Plan it

Family Bike Ride and How to Plan it

Mother’s Day is around the corner,

which means it’s the perfect time to plan some family activities. There’s no better way to honor mom than by spending time with her as a family!

Take advantage of the welcoming springtime weather by going out for a family bike ride. It’s an exciting way to create new memories while also staying active! Plus, some time with nature will help the family recharge.

Make the trip even more special with mommy-and-me cruisers. Moms love the Mobo Shift because it has adjustable back support. Little ones love matching in the child-sized Mobo Mobito or toddler-sized Mobo Mity Sport.

But what else do you need to plan a family bike ride? Keep reading on to find out.

Look for the Best Bike Trails

Start preparing for your family bike trip by researching the best local trails around. Stick to kid-friendly trails that aren’t too long or challenging. If your kids are toddler-aged, skip any with hills.

The best family bike paths to visit are paved ones. A smooth ride keeps everyone safe from accidents. Most Mobo Cruisers have cushioned air tires, so flat trails are also ideal for preventing damage to them.

If your children are still young, look for trails with nearby bathrooms. Some don’t have any at all, while others maintain them for visitors.

Be Sure to Always Be Prepared

It's no surprise that moms are often prepared for almost any situation. The phrase “Mother knows best” exists for a reason! Follow mom’s lead by preparing the essentials for a family bike ride.

Everyone should have a helmet that fits properly. It's a must to stay safe from any head trauma during an accident. If there are any falls, a travel-sized first aid kit is useful for treating wounds.

If you're planning a longer ride, pack some water and snacks. Attach a bike basket to mom's Mobo Triton Pro to conveniently store them while riding.

Keep a pocket-sized air pump with you, too. It’s good to have in case any tires lose air pressure. Some spare tubes and patches are handy to have in case you experience any flats as well.

Check Your Bikes Before Leaving

Don't forget to inspect the bikes! Before heading out, check each one to ensure it’s in good shape for a ride.

The tires should be inflated with an adequate amount of air, which is about 40 psi. Without enough air, the tires risk deflating or popping, which could be dangerous.

Mobo Cruisers extend to fit different sizes, so ensure each frame is well adjusted. Even adult-sized rides, like the Triton Pro, are versatile. Each member of the family should have a perfect fit on their trike!

Spend Time With Your Family and Enjoy

Once you’re ready to start riding, remember to take your time. The whole point is to have an enjoyable outing together, so don’t rush it. Take in the sights and share some laughs with loved ones!

Time flies by fast – parents know this better than anyone. If you choose to savor your moments, the kids will remember them forever. And, mom will surely cherish a Mother’s Day spent with her favorite people!

Get ready to ride with mom this Mother’s Day. Shop Mobo Cruiser to find her the perfect new cruiser!

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