Benefits of Riding a Recumbent Tricycle

Benefits of Riding a Recumbent Tricycle

We've talked a lot about recumbent bicycles and tricycles here on Mobocruiser, so some of you may be asking: what is a "recumbent?"

A recumebent bicycle is a bike where the rider is in a laid-back reclining position. Many riders of recumbents prefer recumbent bicycles and tricycles because of their more ergonimic designs. They distribute a riders weight over more square feet of the back and buttocks which makes riding much more comfortable over a traditional bicycle, which has the riders weight all focused on just a few square inches.

Another benefit to a recumbent, the lower ride height of most recumbents give it a much improved aerodynamic advantage of most up-right bicycles. With a recumbent, the riders legs are in a forward position, giving the rider a smaller frontal profile. The advantage is so great, that the world speed record for a bicycle was made with a recumbent. Since 1934 they were banned from international racing.

The main benefit for most recumbent riders is argueably the comfort. A recumbent bicycle, and especially a tricycle like the Triton, helps prevent back, shoulder and neck pain that can be had with a conventional type of bike. There is also quite a bit less strain on your wrist as you are not bearing a majority of your weight on them while holding the handle bars.

When it comes to the Triton line of recumbent tricycles, another benefit is the added stability of it being a tricycle. Because of the two rear wheels and the really low ride height, it makes the Triton recumbent tricycle very stable. So if you’re in the market for a bike, or trike, that is more comfortable and easier to ride than a traditional upright bicycle, give a recumbent a try.

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