Benefits of Cycling – Facts and Figures

Benefits of Cycling – Facts and Figures

Getting active with cycling always has its health benefits from the mind, body, and heart, but how does cycling affect your overall mental health? Everybody is different and there will always be a different way to achieve the same goal of exercise. Cycling can be more engaging to a person because of the consistent involvement of your limbs as well as your mind to make constant judgments. This results in your body and mind being fully engaged for the duration of the exercise. Since riding on a wheeled machine comes naturally to us the will to power it with your own strength and endurance makes it an enjoyable and relatable experience. Here are some cycling benefits:

Reducing stress and anxiety is a major part of our lives and we tend to avoid stress all together, but exercising regularly through different methods including cycling is a major way to overcome feelings of depression. This in turn boosts healthier habits and further elevates brain flow, which can lead to being more creative as well. As you continue your healthy habits there will also be improvement of sleep from the hard work that is cycling.

Endurance and strength depending on your level of cycling can be a challenge within itself, but once you’ve accomplished milestones and improved your habit of cycling you can develop improved lung health. Regular cycling can also cut heart disease by half as well, since it’s a stress reducer the amount of time you put into riding your bike or trike can level your physical and mental well being.

Exercise is always good for the body, but cycling is a low impact activity that can be safer than most exercises. There’s low risk when cycling as well creating a safer space for you and your mind to be put at ease. There are many health benefits: healthier immune system, a chance at cutting the risk of cancer, builds muscle, and burns calories.

Cycling in many forms can always have its benefits, even with a Mobo Cruiser!

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