Balance Bike Benefits – Buy for your child Right Now

Balance Bike Benefits – Buy for your child Right Now

All children are unique in their own ways. There are those who are eager to try new things and those who shy away from the new and unknown. Riding a bike is one of those new experiences that brings uncertainty to a child of, "how do I balance?" and "what if I fall?". Luckily you can soothe your child's nerves by buying them a balance bike! The Mobo Explorer Balance Bike can help your child develop the gross motor skills they need to ride a bike, gain the confidence to transfer to a pedal bike, keep them safe, and teach them about exercise from a young age.

Benefit 1

When riding a bike your child will need to steer, pedal, and most importantly balance. Balance bikes help develop your child's arm coordination when steering and their leg muscles when they push forward to move/stop. Most importantly they teach your child how to balance by allowing them to focus on just that. The lack of pedals allows them to master the balance bike without dividing their attention to pedaling. By steering and using their feet to move your child's full attention is on learning to balance.

Benefit 2

Owning a balance bike will give your child the confidence to learn to balance without depending on training wheels. A balance bike will help them depend solely on their own abilities to balance. As they master the balance bike they will even have the confidence to go from small steps to cruising with their feet up. Soon you will have an eager child ready to transfer to a pedal bike.

Benefit 3

The best part of investing in a balance bike is saving your child from those high-speed takeoffs. A balance bike allows your child to only go as fast as their feet can push them. This prevents an excess of speed buildup so they have lower chances of falling and if they do fall it won't be as bad as a full-speed crash. Balance bikes are the best way to keep your child safe while learning to ride a bike.

Benefit 4

As if all those benefits weren't enough the constant use of their balance bike will encourage your child to exercise and stay active. The earlier you introduce your child about living a healthy life the sooner it becomes a habit that can grow with them. Before you know it they will eagerly transfer into their pedal bike and continue cycling into their adulthood!

It's completely normal for a child to feel nervous about going on a bike and suddenly having to figure out how to balance on their own. Luckily a balance bike can ease the nerves and make the learning experience more enjoyable, fun, and safe! Get your child a Mobo Explorer Balance Bike today!

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