Women’s History Month Spotlight:

Women’s History Month Spotlight:

Melody-Hsieh Hornstra

Founder and CEO of Asa Products and Mobo Cruiser

Inspired by her childhood, Mobo Cruiser Founder Melody-Hsieh Hornstra decided to start up her company that would find its success through service, innovations, quality, and style. As somebody who did not have the luxury of toys or bikes in her childhood, Melody was determined to use her new company to bring happiness and the joy of bike riding to other families and their children.

Determined to realize her dream, Melody worked tirelessly and gained her Bachelor’s degree from UC Riverside, and then her Master’s degree from University of Southern California. All her hard work and determination had paid off, and in 1998 she established Asa Products Inc. The company started off by selling scooters, then in its success, grew to sell popular products including skateboards, roller shoes, yoyos, and other popular toys.

In 2006 Asa Products wanted to provide a fit and fun lifestyle to children, so Melody developed a new low to the ground three-wheeled cruiser, and with it, Mobo Cruiser was formed. Patenting unique rear steering mechanisms, chainless designs, and adjustable frames, our new line of products drove us to success and in 2014 Mobo expanded to develop products for toddlers. Over the years Mobo Cruiser has grown to be a leader in the active and outdoor category to provide customers of all ages and mobility a fun and comfortable way to cruise in style.

Melody has made it her mission to provide a “wow, wow, wow” experience to as many families as possible. Her number one priority is to develop and deliver products that will improve the lives of all customers by providing accessibility for everybody to experience the fun and joy of the cycling lifestyle. She continues to work hard everyday to ensure the continued success of her company.

As Melody continues to work towards a greater future, this Women’s history month, we would like to look towards other prominent women of the past to take inspiration from their great achievements. Be sure to check out next week’s blog where we will cover the life on Annie Londonderry, the first woman to cycle across the globe!

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