Three-Wheeled Bike From Mobo Gets a Solo Feature

Three-Wheeled Bike From Mobo Gets a Solo Feature

The Mobo Mobito Gets a Solo Feature

This past June, the Mobo Mobito received its latest solo feature from HubPages. The three-wheeled cruiser won praise for being "a bike that is safer because it's not so tall and so is more stable…"

This trike is the perfect ride for kids to enjoy this summer. They'll benefit from some healthy exercise while having a blast! The Mobito is suited for ages 4 and up and can support kids up to 4'8" in height. With an innovative design and high-quality safety features, you can't go wrong with this cruiser.

It's Easy to Assemble and Use

Mobo designed the Mobito with both kids and parents alike in mind. It's easy to assemble, so you won't have to spend much time or effort to get your kid started. As HubPages notes, it arrives "partially assembled" and Mobo has a "detailed video that goes into the specifics of assembly" to help.

Besides being easy to put together, this trike's design is unique, too! The seat's back support is adjustable, allowing for the most comfortable ride possible. And because the frame extends up to 47-inches in length, the Mobo Mobito can grow with your child.

HubPages points out that it's also "extremely stable — it stands on its own" thanks to three inflatable tires. For on-the-go maintenance, Mobo has travel-sized air pumps available in 4-inch and 6-inch sizes.

The Mobito is equipped with a rear-wheel steering system that's easy to control. The rear-wheel automatic alignment feature makes turning a breeze! It only has a single speed, so pedaling hardly takes any effort. Because of the chainless design, it's also mess-free and quiet.

It Combines Safety and Fun

While your child is riding their Mobito, you can rest assured knowing that they're safe. In fact, it's one of the safest kids' trikes on the market.

HubPages loves that this trike sits low to the ground because it's "hard to fall off" without trying, so accidents aren't likely. For even more security, Mobo offers attachable velcro safety pedals to keep feet in place.

This three-wheeled cruiser is also equipped with an emergency brake handle. This makes it easy to slow down and come to a stop. As pointed out in the solo feature, the E-brake is especially useful for inclines.

With the Mobo Mobito, your child will have an amazing bike experience! They'll get a taste of the thrill of riding while staying as safe as can be. Plus, it's such an exciting way to make exercise a regular habit. As HubPages said, your kid will even "suddenly acquire more street cred" if they're riding the Mobito.

Are you ready to get your child cruising this summer? Shop Mobo Cruiser online to find the perfect ride!

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