Parents & Kids Holiday Gift Guide

Parents & Kids Holiday Gift Guide

Parents and Kids

Parents & Kids, known as "Mississippi's premiere parenting and family resource," has released their 2020 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide. The award-winning magazine, which has been serving Mississippi parents since 1991, is a trusted source for advice, ideas, and information for families. Their gift guide is full of perfect presents for the whole family. Two of the top contenders for the sports category are none other than the Mobo Mity Sport and the Mobo Explorer Balance Bike!

The Mobo Mity Sport is a three-wheeled cruiser, suitable for kids between the ages of 3 and 5. Parents & Kids loves the Mobo Mity because of its "snug seat" and "sturdy adjustable frame that grows with your child." The frame starts at 28" in length, but can extend out to 35". This cruiser helps toddlers refine their motor skills, learn hand-eye coordination, and build muscle strength. By keeping kids closer to the ground, the Mobo Mity Sport provides a safe way to ride.

The Mobo Explorer Balance Bike is the perfect way for children, aged 2 to 6, to begin learning the basics of bike-riding. Parents & Kids chose this bike as a favorite because it "offers its rider the security of having two feet on the ground" as the child learns to balance the bike. The Mobo Explorer provides a stable ride that is easy to handle. With never-flat tires, kids can continue to build their strength, balance, and confidence for years to come without any maintenance needed.

Both the Mobo Mity Sport and the Mobo Explorer Balance Bike offer a comfortable, fun, and safe way for children to experience the thrill of riding. With a lower center of gravity and rear-wheel steering, the Mobo Mity Sport is nearly impossible to roll-over, making it the best and safest cruiser option. The safety pads and extended frame of the Mobo Explorer provide added protection and safety as kids learn to ride. Between the Mobo Mity Sport and the Mobo Explorer Balance Bike, your kids will have a blast as they practice and learn new and exciting skills.

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