Best Baby Toys of 2020 Best Baby Toys of 2020

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We are so excited the Mobo Wobo 2-IN-1 Rocking Baby Balance Bike was featured on Parents Magazine website, It was selected as one of the Best Baby and Toddler Toys of 2020! It was sent to different parent testers to ensure it was a great fit for all babies and toddlers. Take a look at one of their comments, "Our 1-year-old uses it in her room one hour and at the park the next".

Mobo Wobo Lifestyle

The Mobo Wobo was made with your baby's needs in mind. It will help them reach their 3 milestones: rock, walk, and ride. The rocking will teach your child coordination between hands, arms, legs, and feet. As your child grows, the Mobo Wobo grows with them! With its innovative base, the Mobo Wobo can quickly convert back and forth between a rocking toy and riding toy! The riding trike will teach your child how to walk and ride. An adjustable cushioned seat and handlebar will allow your child to keep the fun going as they grow!

We hope to encourage kids to live a fit and fun lifestyle from an early age. The Mobo Wobo was created so kids as young as 1 year olds can be active. The bicycle design will help them become comfortable with transitioning into a balance bike or pedal bike when they get older. Help your child be active from a young age, surprise them with a Mobo Wobo today!

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