Toy Fair Everywhere Influencer Favorites

Toy Fair Everywhere Influencer Favorites

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Mobo Mity Sports INcluded As Toy Fair Everywhere Influencer Favorites

The Toy Association and Clamour announced the Mobo Mity Sport as among the top toys of the year in their Toy fair Everywhere/Clamour Influencer Choice List favorites of 2020.

The event sees top digital influencers invited from far and near asked to vote for their favorite products from the hundreds of entries submitted by the Toy fair Everywhere exhibitors. Influencers selected have about one million monthly views on their respective platforms and a massive following exceeding 500,000.

Before voting, the influencers review product details, photos, and real samples of products if they are accessible.

The Mobo Mity Sports is a three-wheeled tricycle designed for kids of 3- 5 years old. The well-built children tricycle helps develop kids' motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and muscle strength.

The Mobo Mity Sport also helps to stimulate healthy exercise as well as enhanced physical activity for your kids. A ride on the Mobo Mity Sports is sure to provide an exciting, memorable, and safe riding adventure for your kids.

Mity Sport Lifestyle

The uniquely constructed Mobo Mity Sports comes with such unique features suitable for the memorable riding experience of toddlers.

The children's trikes come with a safe seat, chainless chassis, great air tires and a flexible frame that accommodates kids of different sizes. It's Rear Wheel Steering system, fixed Wheel, and Single-speed features make the Mobo Mity Sports a must-have for your kids.

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