Mobo Explorer X

Mobo Explorer X

Clamour Influencer’s Choice of 2024

We are thrilled to announce that our Mobo Explorer X has been named to the Clamour Influencer Choice List Spring Summer 2024! It is an honor to be selected this summer and we pledge ourselves to continue our excellence in providing quality products for all children to enjoy. For those of you who are unfamiliar with our product, allow us to introduce you to the Mobo Explorer X.

This 14 Inch Balance Bike is beyond any ordinary bike. Designed for those led by their adventurous side, this maintenance free bike is meant to perfect your level of riding while allowing you to advance as well. Our durable frame is designed to withhold standing, riding or gliding. We prioritize safety by including features such as a frame pad, footrests, soft gel handles, alloy air tires and an adjustable seat so your little one is sure to stay safe while enjoying the ride. Standing while riding is possible with the footrest on the frame, meant to allow your child to feel limitless while being safe.

This Summer, share the joy of cruising in style and get your little one a bike they will remember as a part of their childhood!

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