Mobo Disney Frozen Cruiser Appears on ABC's "The View"

Mobo Disney Frozen Cruiser Appears on ABC's "The View"

Mobo's highly anticipated product, 'Disney Frozen Cruiser' appeared on ABC's hit show, "The View" on Friday, November 21st.

We watched at this item was featured as a giveaway to the audience and was promoted by none other than Rosie O'Donnell. Here is the link for the episode Link

The two young girls that were chosen to ride the three wheeled cruiser explored with amazement as the audience overlooked with excitement. This is a product that is ready to come on strong in this holiday season and beyond. I mean, 'What young girl does not like Frozen'?

The View

This movie has become nothing less of a phenomenon in such a short period of time. With its innovative rear-wheel steering system and reversibility function, this product is guaranteed to keep young girls having a blast all year long.

The crowd went wild as Rosie told them that they were all going home with their very own Mobo Disney Frozen Cruiser. Emails and phone calls have been coming in all day with inquiries about the product. With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to get yours as well.

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