Magazine Feature Mobo Wobo: Atlanta Parent & Cincinnati Family

Magazine Feature Mobo Wobo: Atlanta Parent & Cincinnati Family

Atlanta Parent Magazine

The Mobo Wobo 2-IN-1 Rocking Baby Balance Bike can add two more magazines to its growing list of supporters and features – the Cincinnati Family and the Atlanta Parent. Both magazines love the bike's flexibility to grow as the child grows. When connected to the sturdy base, the Mobo Wobo 2-IN-1 is a fun and safe rocker. When detached, it transforms into a ridable trike with light-up rubber wheels. Best suited for children aged 1-3, the adjustable Mobo Wobo aids with their mobility development at every stage – rock, walk, and ride.

The Cincinnati Family is known as the "most award-winning parenting resource" in the whole Cincinnati area. "With easy how to's" and "candid advice" for parents and their families, they are considered a trusted resource. The magazine recently published their Most Loved Toys for the holiday season, and the Mobo Wobo 2-IN-1 led their "Get Moving!" category.

The Mobo Wobo 2-IN-1 Rocking Baby Balance Bike was selected because it "helps littles reach their three milestones" while also teaching coordination and building strength. The rocking motion helps kids coordinate their arms and legs. As they age and the Mobo Wobo transitions to a bike, kids strengthen their legs. With such rewarding benefits from such a fun bike, it is easy to see why the Cincinnati Family loves the Mobo Wobo 2-IN-1.

The Atlanta Parent, a parenting magazine that "reaches 420,000 families per month," recently published their 2020 Holiday Toy Guide. The magazine has a reputation in the area for offering "award-winning and practical information" for families. Among their Parent Favorites section of the guide was the Mobo Wobo 2-IN-1 Rocking Baby Balance Bike.

The Mobo Wobo's impressive flexibility to start "out as a rocker, then a walker and finally as a bike" is what won the favor of the Atlantic Parent. The adjustable bike grows as your child grows and can suit children between 25 and 40 inches tall. When attached to the base, the thrilling rocking motion provides an endless amount of fun and stability. As your child gets older and more mobile, the Mobo Wobo 2-IN-1 converts into the perfect first bike experience.

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