Maintenance Tips: Proper Alignment of Your Mobo Cruiser

Maintenance Tips: Proper Alignment of Your Mobo Cruiser

On a normal bike with two wheels alignment is not very important. As long as the wheels are true (round), it will roll down the street perfectly fine.

However, to provide the low-to-the-ground, relaxed and fun riding position that our customers love, we use three wheels instead of two. This can create problems if the two rear wheels are not properly aligned. Here are some symptoms of misaligned rear wheels:

  • Extra pedaling effort required to propel cruiser.
  • Faster than normal rear tire wear.
  • Cruiser does not coast (roll when not pedaling) smoothly.
  • Resistance from the rear tires when going straight or making turns.

So how do you know if you rear wheels are properly aligned? In technical terms, the rear wheels should be slightly toed-in towards the front. In other words, the front of the rear tires should be a little closer than the back of the rear tires.

Alignment for our Triton and Triton Pro is determined by the direct linkage between the two rear wheels. If your Triton is out of alignment but you have a solid rear linkage, please contact us and we can provide you a replacement rear linkage that is adjustable.

For our Mobito and Shift models, alignment adjustments can be made to the two linkages that connect the steering rod to the rear wheels.

Mobocruiser Alignment

In general, the distance between the back of the rear wheels should be 0.25”-0.75” wider than the front: a very slight toe-in.

Test riding after adjusting alignment would be the best way to determine if correct alignment is achieved. If resistance is felt while going straight, the rear wheels have too much toe-in. If resistance is felt while turning, the rear wheels have too little toe-in.

Remember, small adjustment make a big difference! As always, feel free to contact us at toll free (626)618-8905 if you have any questions or run into any issues.

A properly aligned Mobo Cruiser will roll smoothly with little pedaling effort allowing you to enjoy the ride!

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