How to Upgrade your bike – Mobo Cruiser Addition

How to Upgrade your bike – Mobo Cruiser Addition

Congratulations – your child has their own Mobo Cruiser! Now, they’ll be able to experience one of the safest and most thrilling ways to ride.

But, did you know you could make their experience even better?

Thanks to a variety of cool and handy accessories from Mobo, it’s easy! Most of our accessories are compatible with any Mobo product. And, they’re the perfect way to enhance your child's ride.

In this article, we'll name some of our favorite Mobo accessories to upgrade your kid's cruiser.

1. Easy Tote Basket

Does your child want to bring their favorite stuffed toy for a cruise? Or, maybe you’re planning a family picnic, and they want to carry some snacks. With the Easy Tote Basket, it’s all possible!

This basket is compatible with the Mobo Triton and Triton Pro recumbent cruisers. It attaches behind the seat with ease, and it’s very durable.

2. Pocket Air Pump

Once your child starts cruising, they won't want to stop! Maintain their air tires by keeping them filled with an adequate amount of air. The Mobo Pocket Air Pump is a compact tool to help with this.

Available in 4-inch and 6-inch sizes for up to 40 psi, it works with most standard valves. Store it in your pocket, or mount it on your child’s bike frame!

3. Water Bottle Holder

It’s no surprise if your child starts feeling thirsty after spending time cycling. Ensure proper hydration with our Aluminum Water Bottle Holder! It fits most standard-sized water bottles.

The durable holder is compatible with the Mobo Shift reversible cruiser. It's easy to attach and keeps kids prepared to hydrate during every ride!

4. Adjustable Velcro Safety Pedals

At Mobo Cruiser, your child's safety comes first. We designed our Velcro Safety Pedals to keep kids secure while riding. And because they’re adjustable, they’ll grow with your child.

Once attached, these safety pedals keep feet in place to prevent slips or falls. They are compatible with the following Mobo products: Mobito, Triton, Triton Pro, and Shift. Your child will stay safe and stable while pedaling, giving you some peace of mind!

Shop Mobo to Enhance Their Ride

Your child will love their Mobo Cruiser for years to come. With these bike and cruiser accessories, they'll love it even more! Plus, you'll love how easy they make it to maintain and care for your kid's ride.

Shop Mobo Cruiser to enhance your child's bicycle or tricycle today!

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