How to Maintain tires of your Mobo Cruiser

How to Maintain tires of your Mobo Cruiser

Have you just received your very own Mobo Cruiser? Then get ready to cruise in style! You'll be riding on one of the safest and most innovative bikes or trikes on the market!

If you maintain it, your cruiser will last for years! Get started with the tires because they are one of the most crucial parts of your ride. Not only do they keep you moving, but they keep your biking experience positive, too.

Keep reading on to learn how to make sure your bike tires last as long as possible!

Ride In the Right Place

To keep your tires in good shape, be careful where you ride. Mobo Cruiser tires are not designed for use on dirt, gravel, sand, or wet surfaces. Our cruisers are unlike dirt bikes, so rocky and dirty areas cause the tires to wear out much faster.

Instead, cruise around on the appropriate terrain. Flat, dry, and smooth surfaces are the best for a safe and smooth experience. Your driveway or sidewalk are perfect spots! Or, check out local bike paths to enjoy.

Examine the Tread Before Each Ride

Before every ride, you should get in the habit of examining your tires. You need to make sure they are in optimal condition.

Check for holes or cuts on the tires. Has anything punctured them? If you find any debris wedged within the tread, try to remove it to prevent future nicks in the rubber.

If you find that your tread is worn down or punctured, get a new tire. It’s safer for riding on than a damaged one. We offer spare tires for our Mobito, Shift, Triton, and Triton Pro models.

Keep the Rims Aligned

Most car owners know that their car needs an alignment from time to time. For bike owners, the same goes for their bikes! You should check that your rims are aligned to prevent any damage to your tires or bicycle.

If your rims aren’t aligned, the tire risks bending. This leads to a rough ride and potential damage.

Always Check the Tire Pressure

When was the last time you checked your tire pressure (psi)? Check it regularly so you can keep them properly inflated to about 40 psi. If your tire doesn’t have enough air, it might pop or get damaged.

Keep a portable air pump with you to keep your tires inflated on the go. Or, keep an air pump in your home or garage for at-home maintenance. Your tires will stay in top shape and keep you safe if they have the right PSI.

Remember the Weight Capacity

Every bicycle has its own specifications, and Mobo Cruisers are no different. Be sure to stay within the weight capacity of your cruiser. If too much weight is applied, the cruiser won’t be able to perform at its peak.

When purchasing your cruiser, compare models to find which one meets your needs. Different models can support different heights and weights.

Prevent Wear and Tear With These Tips

When you first got your Mobo Cruiser, you may have wondered how to prevent wear and tear on your tires. But with these tips and checks in mind, your tires are sure to stay in great shape for a long time!

Are you ready to ride in style? Shop our selection of bicycles and tricycles for adults and children. We have a wide variety of cruisers to give you an exciting way to exercise!

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