Best bikes for adults – Which Mobo Cruiser is Suitable?

Best bikes for adults – Which Mobo Cruiser is Suitable?

At Mobo Cruiser we are proud to offer comfortable, adjustable, and affordable recumbent trikes for adults. Each one was designed to bring a stress-free workout for the rider.

The Mobo Triton Pro is perfect for those who want a full cushioned back support. Unlike the Shift the Triton Pro back support is not adjustable. You will be in a fixed seated position when riding. The Triton Pro does not have a reverse function. To do so you will need to place your feet on the ground and kickback. The Triton Pro also offers more color options than the Shift: blue, red, silver, and orange.

The Mobo Shift is ideal for those who have back stress from sitting in one position for long periods of time. The foam back support comes with six reclining angle settings. You can easily adjust it to best meet your comfort needs. Unlike the Triton Pro, the Shift does offer a reverse function to allow you to backtrack and change your route. The Mobo Shift offers 3 great colors: black, blue, and red.

The cruisers share more similarities than differences. Both the Triton Pro and Shift offer an innovative rear-wheel steering system with hand caliper brakes for the rider’s safety. They each come with 10 slot adjustments in 16″ length, perfect for people from 4′ tall to 6’3″ tall. They are single speed cruisers with a weight capacity of 250 lbs. The turning radius is wide for both so it is best to make sure the path is clear of oncoming cyclists when turning. They both weigh roughly 40 lbs. Due to their size it is best to transport them in a truck, back of an SUV, or to ride from home to your destination. Both of these trikes are perfect for everyday cruising on flat terrain.

Either cruiser of your choice will bring you a great cruising experience. You will soon note how fun exercise can be when riding a Mobo Cruiser. Always remember to wear a helmet and ride with care to keep yourself and those around you safe. Choose your Mobo and take it for a ride today!

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