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Recumbent Trikes and its Benefits

While most people can ride a two wheeled bike, circumstances arise which might make it difficult. Certain medical conditions can cause balance issues. Recovery from an injury can also make riding a two wheeled bike difficult. Lastly, there is a fall risk when riding a normal bike that some would like to avoid.

The Mobo cruisers have been a solution for many kids with special needs. Without the need to balance and being much cooler than training wheels, our cruisers are an alternative way for special needs kids to experience the joy of riding a bike. Parents are happy about the excitement and fun that our cruisers bring to their child. Being able to provide that is something we are very proud of.

While our cruisers are not fast, you can still get a very good workout. Customers recovering from surgery or other injuries have enjoyed riding the Triton Pro or Shift as a low impact, low risk method of exercising while recovering. Without the need for balance, there is little risk for aggravating a recovering injury. And workout intensity can vary. Pedal harder and faster for a more vigorous workout or cruise at a leisurely pace for a more relaxed workout.

As our bodies age, bones become brittle and flexibility decreases. Older customers also enjoy riding the Triton Pro and Shift as a way to either continue their love of cycling or as a safe and easy way to exercise. Without the need for balance, falls that can cause injury are eliminated. Also, being in a more relaxed position versus a normal bike allows for a comfortable way to exercise.