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Innovate To Grow Your Business

Recently, I was invited to an intriguing seminar by Chase for business presented by Josh Linkner. He spoke of how to innovate in order to grow a business. I would love to share what I have learned at this event:

  1. Fear is number one blocker of people moving forward and growing their business.
  2. Focus on the five obsessions of innovators:/li>
  • Get curious: Ask more questions – why, what, and why not.
  • Crave what’s next: Ask “What if?” and use tools and techniques to borrow and tailor existing ideas to your business.
  • Defy tradition: What is the polar opposite of the problem? Use tools & techniques to Judo-flip the problem to view a different perspective.
  • Get scrappy
  • Innovation: Adapt fast and change quickly, reinvent how quickly you can respond.

I am always striving to innovate and continue thinking out of the box. Without innovation, the business will cease to exist. We are here to provide customers the most innovative, stylish and fun products through the Mobo Cruiser brand.