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Benefits of Recumbent Trikes - Balance Benefits of Riding a Recumbent Tricycle February 1 Is National Get Up Day
How Do Kids Benefit From Cycling? Managing COVID-19 Stress Mobo Wobo Named Among “Cool Baby Products”
National Bike Month - May Practice Social Distancing the Fun Way With Mobo Cruiser Protect Your Brain! Wear a Helmet
Top Toys To Ease Anxiety: The Mobo Lite 16" Bike World Cancer Day
How Do Kids Benefit From Cycling?
Has your little one learned how to ride a bike yet? As the weather gets warmer, it's the perfect time to start teaching them. It’s a huge milestone for most kids, and it's an exciting way to spend the day.

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Mobo Cruiser: A Safer Choice For Spine Cancer Survivors
"My 7-year old daughter just recently beat cancer in her spine. When I found this bike I hoped that she would love it as this bike does not have the risk of fall that others do…I can not tell you how much this little girl loved her new bike!"

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February 1 Is National Get Up Day
Did you know that February 1 is a day of perseverance? It's true – it's National Get Up Day! It's a day to remember to always pick yourself up after falling. As the saying goes, "If at first, you don't succeed, try and try again."

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Managing COVID-19 Stress
Trying times can bring despair and stressful moments into everyone’s lives. These are the moments when one must create a routine to help cope and ease the long days. At first, it may seem hard but in the end, it will be much better to practice self-care than to plummet into a spiral of stressful devastation.

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Benefits of Riding a Recumbent Tricycle
We’ve talked a lot about recumbent bicycles and tricycles here on Mobocruiser, so some of you may be asking: what is a "recumbent?" A recumbent bicycle is a bike where the rider is in a laid-back reclining position. Many riders of recumbents prefer recumbent bicycles and tricycles because of their more ergonomic designs.

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Top Toys To Ease Anxiety: The Mobo Lite 16" Bike
If you are looking to get your children active and relieve any stress caused by the past year, then look no further! WSYR-TV Syracuse recently aired options on the perfect stress-relieving toys for the 2020 holiday season on their Bridge Street segment. Special guest and parenting expert Amanda Mushro unveiled each toy, including the Mobo Lite 16 Inch Bike. "Exercise is going to help them calm nerves and anxiety,” said Mushro, which explains why the Mobo Lite is the perfect gift for your little ones.

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Mobo Wobo: Double the Learning, Double the Savings
There are many toys parents can invest in for their babies. From small toys to big toys, soothing toys, to silly toys but most importantly there are those toys that help with child development. The Mobo Wobo 2-IN-1 Rocking Baby Balance Bike is one of those toys that can help your baby expand their motor skills, while soothing them on rough days.

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Benefits of Cycling
Getting active with cycling always has its health benefits from the mind, body, and heart, but how does cycling affect your overall mental health?

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Benefits of Buying Your Child a Balance Bike
All children are unique in their own ways. There are those who are eager to try new things and those who shy away from the new and unknown. Riding a bike is one of those new experiences that brings uncertainty to a child of, "how do I balance?" and "what if I fall?". Luckily you can soothe your child's nerves by buying them a balance bike! The Mobo Explorer Balance Bike can help your child develop the gross motor skills they need to ride a bike, gain the confidence to transfer to a pedal bike, keep them safe, and teach them about exercise from a young age.

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National Bike Month - May
Every May people across the country celebrate National Bike Month. Emphasizing the social, physical and mental benefits of cycling, it’s a time to enjoy the simple pleasure of riding a bike and celebrate those benefits. May 13-17 is bike to work week and a great chance for commuters to ditch their car, avoid sitting in traffic and actually enjoy their daily commute.

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Protect Your Brain! Wear a Helmet
Yes indeed. Riding your Mobo Cruiser is as fun as fun can be. Some things aren’t fun though, like a head injury or even a brain injury. You’ve spent a lot of time and energy making your brain great in school, so don’t ruin all your hard work with something as silly as not wearing a helmet when you ride a bike!

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Benefits of Recumbent Trikes
While most people can ride a two wheeled bike, circumstances arise which might make it difficult. Certain medical conditions can cause balance issues. Recovery from an injury can also make riding a two wheeled bike difficult.

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