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Toy Daycare: Mobo Triton is the "Coolest Bike"

Toy-oriented YouTube channel, TOY DAYCARE, has named the Mobo Triton the "coolest bike on the block." The channel, with its 284K subscribers, is run by a family of 3. The mother, father, and daughter trio "love to collect toys, review and play with them". Their fun and charming spirit and wide variety of interests make them the perfect source for the latest toys and games among parents and kids alike.

The Mobo Triton is the ultimate three-wheeled cruiser for children between the ages of 7 and 12. The innovative rear-wheel steering allows for easy control. If your child loves the thrill of riding, then they are sure to enjoy how the Triton makes drifting a breeze. Just as TOY DAYCARE's video shows, this bike is perfect for cruising along your neighborhood's sidewalks. Kids will have a blast on the Mobo Triton while exercising safely. Like Little Z says in the video, "do not forget your helmet" for added safety.

As seen in TOY DAYCARE's video, the Triton can even fit an adult on its sleek frame! The extendable design can adjust from 41 to 51 inches in length, allowing it to support children, or their parents, between 3'8" and 5'2" in height. As your child grows, this bike grows with them. The inflatable rubber tires can sustain 200 pounds of weight. Available in blue, pink, or red, the Mobo Triton is a stylish way to have fun outdoors!