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The Heart Behind the Mobo Brand

People ask me all the time: "Why bikes? How did you come up with the idea for Mobo Cruiser?" That is a great question. Maybe to many, I don't seem like a bike person. Mobo Cruiser was created because of my childhood, and the way I grew up.

When I tell you that I grew up without any toys, you probably won't believe me. I didn't have Barbies or Legos when I was growing up. A bicycle was out of the question. My siblings and I played hide-and-seek in my parents' auto parts factory; and because we didn't have any toys, a cardboard box was our play house. We often had lots of cuts or bruises on our faces, arms, and legs from running around in the factory. My clothes were permanently stained with grease and oil from the machines from when we would run around and hide behind them.

Since I didn’t have toys nor a bike when I was young, I created the Mobo cruisers so that kids can enjoy and have that first bike ride moment that they can cherish and even look back as a special memory when they are adults. My heart is for all kids – whatever their background may be nor how underprivileged they may be – is for them to have toys they love as well as a first bike. Every child should be able to enjoy the feeling of their first bike ride that they will always remember.