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Mobocruiser Triton Voted Red Tricycle’s Best Recumbent Bike

During a time when boredom is often striking and new hobbies are needed, more and more parents are turning towards biking as an activity for their kids. Red Tricycle, a resource for parents in need of entertaining ideas for their children, put together a list of their top choices for bicycles, tricycles, and more.

Their pick for the Best Recumbent Bike? Say hello to the Mobo Triton.

The Mobo Triton, with its inflatable rubber tires and cushioned seat, is "ideal for cruising sidewalks and bike paths," says Red Tricycle.

There is even an adult-sized version so that parents may join their children's fun. The Mobo Triton was selected as Best Recumbent Bike because, thanks to its unique "part go-cart, part bicycle" design, it is an exciting way to get outside.

The Mobo Triton is controlled with rear-wheel steering and has a single speed gear, making it a safe yet fun ride. This bike works best for children aged 7 through 12. It is adjustable up to 5'2" tall and can support up to 200 pounds, so this is a bike that can grow with your child as they enter their "tween", or pre-teenaged, years.

The sleek design comes in three colors – blue, red, or pink. With the Mobo Triton, parents can be sure that their children are riding safely and stylishly while having a blast!