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National Bike Month - May

Every May people across the country celebrate National Bike Month. Emphasizing the social, physical and mental benefits of cycling, itís a time to enjoy the simple pleasure of riding a bike and celebrate those benefits. May 13-17 is bike to work week and a great chance for commuters to ditch their car, avoid sitting in traffic and actually enjoy their daily commute. Public transportation authorities are offering deals and free rides as well during Bike Month. Celebrities, athletes and elected officials join the action to help educate and promote cycling in our communities.

Here at Mobo we are big believers in the benefits of cycling. A good ride makes us happier, healthier and more productive. With cruisers for the whole family, we want everyone to go out and enjoy the ride! Our easy to ride cruisers ensure that no one is left out of the fun. National Bike Month is a great time to share this excitement for cycling. The next time you go out for a ride on your Mobo Cruiser donít forget to smile and wave to fellow cyclists. Sharing our passion for riding will help promote cycling and show others how easy and fun it is to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.