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Move Aside Esperanza, Mobo Named as Grammy's Best New Artist

Esperanza Spalding’s award for best new artist was undoubtedly the biggest shocker of this year’s GRAMMY Awards. She lacks the name recognition due to her specific genre of music, but Esperanza is a really, really good Jazz Bassist. That is the reason she was able to shock the world and stole the Best New Artist award from teen phenom, Justin Bieber. To be fair, this loss have not exactly slowed down Bieber’s path to world domination either, the sales number of his movie “never say never” eclipsed a mark set by the King of Pop’s own movie, Michael Jackson’s “This is It”. Nevertheless, for that one magical GRAMMY night, the best new artist spotlight shined solely on Esperanza Spalding.

Well you better make room Esperanza, because the Mobo Cruiser was also announced as the GRAMMY’s best new artist by Distinctive Assets. Each year, Distinctive Assets throws the most hottest celeb gift lounge for the GRAMMY Awards. This year was no different as GRAMMY performers and presenters packed the lounge to try the coolest items out there. There were definitely many unique items out there, that’s why it is such a great honored to be considered the best new artist. Like Esperanza Spalding, the Mobo Cruiser have officially made its mark in the 2011 Annual GRAMMY Awards. Click here for the full article.